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QR Transfer

Transfer and receive money safely and free anytime via VietQR

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Open New Account  

Open New Account

Instead of having to go to a physical branch, you can simply open a bank account right now in the comfort of your home

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Keep yourselves inform of
your account activities

Feature Guide
Fund transfer  

Fund transfer

Real-time money transfer to
Vietnam domestic accounts

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Bill Payment & Top-up  

Bill Payment & Top-up

Pay all your essential bills easily
& top up your mobile phone

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Favorite Transactions  

Favorite Transactions

Manage your favorite
transactions, making your next
transaction simpler & faster

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Statement Request  

Statement Request

Request your statement up to
previous 12 months and receive
it instantly in your email

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How to Apply

KBank Customer  

KBank Customer

How To​ Apply
New Account  

New Customer

How To ​Apply

​Easy Onboard With Few Steps

How to Apply

The Applicant​

  • Customers age 18 and above (Customers age 15-17 years old can open an account at branch only)​​
  • Nationality: Vietnam​

Mobile Phones Requirement

  • Smartphones, such as the iPhone or any Android device
  • Must be able to connect to the Internet

Documents Requirement

  • Citizen ID Card

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices are compatible with K PLUS Vietnam​ ?

K PLUS Vietnam can be used with a mobile phone or tablet equipped with iOS 13.0, Android 6.0 or Harmony OS and higher, ​​and the device must have never been jailbroken or rooted. If you do not use a device with such specifications, you will not be ​able to access this version of K PLUS Vietnam.​​

Do I have to pay a fee for using K PLUS Vietnam ?

Currently, there is no entry or annual fee to use K PLUS Vietnam mobile application.

Why am I unable to use face recognition ?

​​Your device might not support for this feature. You can contact 24/7 K-Contact Center Vietnam or visit branch for investigation. If the issue is caused by bank's system, the bank will help to solve the issue and revert the transaction within the next working day. For any other reasons, we will make effort to help the customer on case by case basis. ​

What is my transaction limit and how can I adjust the limit via K PLUS Vietnam​ ?

​​You may change the limit via your K PLUS Vietnam mobile application, using the following steps:

Go to "Setting" > "Application Setting" > "Transaction Limit"

For customer who has not completed full KYC with KBank Vietnam, your daily accumulated transaction limit is up to VND 100 million/ month.

For customer who has completed the full KYC, the transaction limit is VND 3,000 million/month. (Limit for top up and bill payment is capped at 100 million / day each)​

You can upgrade to full KYC by:
1) Visit our branch to complete the Full KYC
2) Book an appointment by calling our 24/7 K-Contact Center Vietnam for a video KYC process

What types of transaction are being counted towards daily/monthly limit ?

​​Fund Transfer (Within KBank and Interbank), QR Fund Transfer, Bill Payment and Top-up, Debit Card transactions (eKYC customer only).​

What is the limit of receiving money to my K PLUS Vietnam account ?

​​​There is no capped limit to receive the money with KBank for all account types. 

What if I transfer money to incorrect person or the beneficiary does not receive the money I sent ?

​​​Please contact our 24/7 K-Contact Center Vietnam for further assistance.

How can I generate QR and what can I do with the QR ?

You can generate your unique QR code in the QR menu via K PLUS Vietnam mobile application and select 'My QR'.  You can also select the account you would like to receive the money from (if you have more than one account) and/or specify fixed amount of money you would like to receive from the 'Select Account & Set Amount'.   

You can also choose to save or share your QR to another person through your selected application on your mobile phoe via 'Share QR'.

Would I be able to receive fund transfer/payment from other banks with my QR generated by KPLUS vietnam ?

​​​Yes, if the sender's mobile banking application has VietQR logo on the QR transfer/payment menu. 

How can I unlock my account if I key in the wrong PIN more than the limit of attempts determined by KBank ?

If you have entered your PIN incorrectly 3 times in a row, your account will be automatically locked. You may unlock the account and reset the password by calling our 24/7 K-Contact Center Vietnam​.

What should I do if I change my mobile number ?​

You can update your mobile phone number via K PLUS Vietnam mobile application, using the following steps: ​

Go to "Setting" > "Personal information" > "Mobile phone number"

K PLUS Vietnam will perform face recognition to verify your identity and SMS OTP to verify your new mobile phone number.​

What shoud I do if my ID Card (used to register K PLUS Vietnam) is expired ?

If your ID card is expired, you can visit our bank branch or send a request via VN_KBank@kasikornbank.com to update your ID card once you get a new one. You will no longer be able to apply for the new product and service on K PLUS Vietnam.

How do I update my new ID card ?

You can update your new identification card by sending email to VN_KBank@kasikornbank.com (Free of charge) as follow steps:

For E-mail Steps:​

Step 1. Subject: Request to update new identification card​

Step 2. Content:​

Dear KBank Vietnam, ​

My name (in English): ....

Mobile number: ....

Request Kbank update my ID number from: ...... to:.........

Step 3. Attached in your e-mail, the following files in jpg, png or pdf format: 

- Front side and back side photo of your new ID 

- Clear selfie photo of yourself

- If there is a change of your last, middle or first name, you also must attach the photo of the Appointment letter verified by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Please ensure that the photo is sharp, and the content is clearly readable.

The result will be notified on the next business day via K PLUS Vietnam in-app notification.

If the request is not approved, you can reapply. But please make sure to; 

1. prepare the correct ID card and (if applicable) the official document issued by relevant Vietnamese authority certifying your change of name, 
2. take clear/ readable photos.​​​

What if I lost my mobile phone or changed my mobile device ?

If you lose your mobile phone, your security and privacy are still being protected by KBank's state of the art facial recognition and OTP autentication technologies of K PLUS Vietnam application. 

You can protect your account by following below options:

(1) If you would like to continue using K PLUS Vietnam, you can promptly reinstall the application on new device (using new SIM with same mobile number) and you will be taken to the device changing step.

Enter your registered mobile phone number, existing K PLUS Vietnam PIN and the system will use face recognition to verify your identity. Once completed, you can continue to use your K PLUS V​ietnam.

(2) If different mobile phone number is used, you can contact our 24/7 KBank K-Contact Center Vietnam​ to deregister your account immediately. You can reinstall K PLUS Vietnam and open an account with us again later.

What is PDPD and who is protected ?

The PDPD (Personal Data Protection Decree) is the first comprehensive data protection regulation consolidating Vietnam’s existing data protection regulatory framework, which outlines the rights and responsibilities of individuals and organizations involved in data collection and processing for individual. It takes effect on 1 July 2023 and K PLUS Vietnam is fully complied. All K PLUS Vietnam user or person who use KBank product (so called “Data Subject”), has many rights and protections under the PDPD. Please click PDP Policy ​of KBank Vietnam​ for more detail. ​

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