• Term Deposit

Key Benefits

Start small  

Attractive Deposit Rate

Worry-free and unbeatable saving with KBank, the leading AEC Bank

Interest Rate
Short- or long-term  

Flexible Investment

Select from 1 to 36 months term deposit with auto-renewal for your extra convenient

Use as collateral  

Simplify Your Life

Open term deposit account anytime anywhere, at your fingertip through  K PLUS Vietnam mobile banking


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Short-term Peak Rate Deposit


Product Features

suitable for customer who has short-term or long-term excess cash and would like to earn higher interest rate

  • Currencies: Vietnamese Dong (VND), US Dollar (USD), or Thai Baht (THB)
  • Term: 1, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36 months (interest paid at the maturity) 
  • Automatic-renewal (for auto-remeption option please call K-Contact Center Vietnam)
  • For normal Savings or Term Deposit, additional deposit during the period is not permitted
  • Partially early redemption is also not allowed. If withdraw is needed before the maturity, the depositor can only redeem in full and will receive the interest rate equal to the Current Account rate on the withdrawal date


  • Vietnamese or foreign individual with valid citizen identification card or passport
  • Minimum Account Opening: VND 1,000,000, USD 1,000, or THB 10,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current KBank's term deposit rates?

You can view the current and historical deposit rates announcement here.

How do I open a deposit account with KBank Vietnam?

If you are a Vietnamese citizen, you can open an account through K PLUS Vietnam mobile banking application. If you are a foreign individual, please call 24/7 K-Contact Center at (028) 3821 8888 or contact through our Live Chat.

How can I keep track of my deposit balance?

For your VND account, you can use your K PLUS Vietnam mobile banking application to check your deposit balance. For your foreign currency account, please call 24/7 K-Contact Center Vietnam at (028) 3821 8888.

How is the deposit interest calculated and paid?

Your interest is calculated based on the deposit rate announced on the deposited date, and will be paid when your savings or term deposit is matured. 

Can I withdraw my savings or term deposit before the maturity date (early-withdrawal or break-maturity)? 

You may early redeem your savings or term deposit (if needed) in full but not partially. In this situation, under the SBV's regulation, the Current Account's rate on the early-withdrawal date will be used to calculate your deposit interest. 

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