• K Bank Biz Flexi

​Product Features​

Bill Payment & Top-up  ​

Credit Limit up to 100 mVND

One-time apply
Repay to get your available credit back.

Bill Payment & Top-up​  ​

Effective Interest rate

Starts from 25% / year

Bill Payment & Top-up  


up to 9 months

Bill Payment & Top-up  

No Collateral

No Guarantor

Bill Payment & Top-up  

No disbursement fee

Only ID Card required for partner’s customers

KBank Biz Flexi

Biz Loan

Loan Simulation

Use the loan calculator to determine your monthly payments for KBank Biz Flexi. Input your desired loan amount and term to see your estimated monthly installment..

Loan Amount

100 mVND


9 Months

Monthly Installment


*Note: The above monthly installment calculation information is for reference only, and there may be a slight deviation from the actual calculation result when customers use the service at KBank Biz Flexi.

Product Details

Learn the Product Details of KBank Biz Flexi to​ Support Your Business Dreams

Product Feature

Loan for Business
  • Credit line up to 100mVND
  • Multiple time disbursement
  • Loan term 1,3,6,9 months
  • Interest rate starts at 2.08% / month (start at 25% / year)
  • No Collateral / No Guarantor

Eligibility Criteria

KBank Biz Flexi Eligibility Criteria
  • Vietnamese Only, age 18 - 59 years old  
  • Individuals who are business owner or self-apply (Must have your own business)
  • Run business more than 3 months.



Customer via partnered companies

Required :

  • ID card
  • Invoice

And also submit at least 1 of these document :

  • Certificate of residence
  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill
  • Postpaid phone bill
  • Internet bill​

Optional :

  • Bank Statement​

General Customer

Required :

  • ID card
  • Bank Statement

And also submit at least 1 of these document :

  • Certificate of residence
  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill
  • Postpaid phone bill
  • Internet bill​

Download File

KBank Biz Flexi Loan F​actsheet ​
PDF 100 KB
K PLUS Online Account SalesheetPDF 100 KB

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s KBank Biz Flexi?

​KBank Biz Flexi is a​ business loan for Vietnamese business owners who need financial support to run their own business smoothly. This is a multiple drawdown credit line (5 - 100mVND) with 1/3/6/9 months tenor, which does not require collateral or a guarantor. Customers can apply on their mobile phone via the K PLUS Vietnam application.

What’s different from KBank Biz Loan?

KBank Biz Loan you will get a lump sum amount for your business but KBank Biz Flexi will provide you a credit line which can drawdown and repay multiple times. If you don’t request a disbursement, it will not charge any interest to you. Besides, by flexible model of this loan product, you can arrange which amount you need to serve your specific demand proactively, it does not ask you to disburse all approved amount by one time only. 

If I already have a KBank Biz Loan, Can I register KBank Biz Flexi too​?

Yes you can, but you should wait for 6 months from the time you got KBank Biz Loan approval.

I have no collateral. Can I apply for this loan?

Yes. KBank Biz Flexi application requires no collateral or guarantor.

Can a business with poor credit apply for this loan?

The Bank considers the cause of poor credit and other information when granting loan approval.

Is a company which has been in business for less than six months eligible to apply for this loan?

Yes. Any company which has been in business for at least three months is eligible to apply for KBank Biz Flexi.

If I have income 5 mVND per month, Can I apply KBank Biz Flexi​?

Customer who has income starting from 5mVND can apply for KBank Biz Flexi.

How long does it take to receive a loan?

It takes about 3-5 business days after KBank receives the completed application. Once approved, you’ll receive your credit limit then can request for utilization. Once KBank approves your request, this amount will be transferred to your KPlus Online Account or your bank account which has been specified when you ask for disbursement.

Which channel do I receive the loan approval notice?

SMS and email

How do I repay KBank Biz Flexi?

You can transfer money to your K PLUS Online Account. The money will be auto-deduct via the K PLUS Online Account for loan repayment.

How can I be the partnered companies' customer?

- Customer who owns a shop on KBank's partnered company’s platforms.

- Current partnered companies include Sendo, KiotViet, iPos, Smartpay, Shopee, Lazada, baemin, sapo, cukcuk, sobanhang 

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