KBank Cashback Plus
Credit Card
The one cashback credit card for all needs

Free interest up to 55 days

Spend worry-free with over 55 days interest-free period

Cashout 50% of limit

Withdraw cash up to 50% of your credit limit anytime any where

KBank Cashback Plus
Product Details

Product Details

  • One Cashback Credit card for all needs

Exclusive Privileges

  • Cashback up to 1,000,000 VND monthly (until 31 December 2024)
  • 0% interest for three months on retail transactions starting from 2,000,000 VND (Until December 31, 2024)

Benefits of new card issuance

  • New credit cardholders will receive a waiver of the first-year annual fee and delivery fee, with no conditions.
  • From the second year onward, the annual fee will be waived if accumulated spending in the last 12 months from the card activation date reaches  40,000,000 VND

Benefits of card use

  • 15% cashback on spending at all merchants in Thailand across all categories
  • 10% cashback on eligible categories: Travel, Supermarket, Dining, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Online & E-commerce
  • Experience unlimited VISA promotions worldwide. Detailed offers available at:

Digital life 24/7 on K PLUS

  • Temporarily block card / Unblock card
  • Check card transaction history and pay card bill
  • Request E-Statement
  • Activate card
  • Set up PIN/ Change PIN
  • Convert transaction to installment plan


  • Vietnamese individuals from 20 to 60 years old
  • Occupation: Salary earner
  • Monthly salary from 10,000,000 VND
  • Existing Bank Credit Cardholder over 6 months

Download File

Credit Card Factsheet PDF 399 KB
Credit card Term and Condition PDF 635 KB
Cash Back Term and Condition PDF 369 KB
Installment plan PDF 119 KB
Interest and Fees PDF 130 KB

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of VISA card is my KBank Credit Card? 

KBank is offering a Visa Platinum tier credit card to help fulfill all your spending needs. 

2. Am I eligible for my KBank Credit Card? 

KBank customers are eligible to apply for a KBank Credit Card if they meet the following conditions: 

(i) Must be a Vietnamese citizen over 20 years of age
(ii) Must be a salary earner employed for over 1 year with a minimum salary of 10M VND per month   

3. What documents do I need to apply for a KBank Credit Card? 

Customers are required to upload the following supporting documents via K PLUS Vietnam mobile banking application:

(i) Labor contract or Certificate of employment or VSSID 
(ii) Bank Statement 3M or Pay slip 3M (Hard copy or e-document) or VSSID 
(ii) Latest Utility Bill or Certificate of residence or VNeID

How to get VNeID Screenshot
• Login to VNeID Application
• At the Home Page, choose "Residence Information"
• Input Password
• Screenshot” Administration Information and Residence Information

How to get VSSID
• Login to VssID Application
• At the Home Page "Personal Management",  choose "Participation process"
• Screenshot the Participation process of latest 6 months

4. How can I apply for my KBank Credit Card?

(i) For an existing K PLUS Vietnam customer
You can easily apply for the credit card via your K PLUS Vietnam. Once your credit card request is approved, your physical credit card will be delivered to your mailing address free of charge within 3-5 working days. 

(ii) For a new K PLUS Vietnam customer
You can easily download and install K PLUS Vietnam to open a K PLUS account and apply for a KBank Credit Card. Once your request on K PLUS Vietnam is approved, your physical credit card will be delivered free of charge to your mailing address within 3-5 working days. 

5. Where can I use my KBank Credit Card? 

This credit card offers you an exclusive shopping experience through both online and offline channels worldwide with preferable merchants accepting Visa credit cards as payment. 

Customers choosing to spend with KBank Credit Card in Thailand may enjoy an additional cashback of up to 15%. 

(Please note that to make payment with overseas merchants, customers are required to upgrade to Full KYC status)  

6. How long does it take to get my KBank Credit Card? 

Around 5-7 days after you have submitted your application along with all the supporting documents required. Alternatively, you can contact the 24/7 K-Contact Center Vietnam for further support. 

7. Can I track my KBank Credit Card delivery status? 

Once your card has been approved, you can check your card delivery status with ‘VN Post’ via Zalo or by entering "Shipment Tracking Number" on the tracking website.  

8. How can I activate my (physical) KBank Credit Card? 

Card Activation  
(1) Scan QR code to K PLUS Vietnam application for activate the card  
(2) Select Card and Press Activation 
(3) Perform face authentication 
(4) Input information: the last 4 digits of Card, Expiry date, CVV and press “Next” 
(5) Create PIN number for Cash withdraw and reconfirm 
(6) Card Activated Successful 

9. What are KBank Credit Card features in K PLUS Vietnam? 

• Card Activation 
•  ATM PIN Setup and Reset 
• Card info and Card activity 
• E-statement request 
• Bill Payment 
• Temporary Card Lock & Unlock 
• Installment Plan 

10. What should I do if I forget my ATM PIN? 

You can change your ATM PIN via the “Reset PIN” menu in the K PLUS Vietnam, then Click the menu “Reset PIN” 

11. How can I lock/unlock my KBank Credit Card transaction? 

You can lock and unlock your card via the “Lock/Unlock Card” menu in the K PLUS Vietnam. 
Alternatively, you can contact 24/7 K-Contact Center Vietnam for further support. 

12. What is Automate cashback? 

Cashback will be calculated from all eligible transactions and will be automatically deducted from the outstanding balance on the statement date.  

KBank Credit Card Customers can enjoy up to 15% automated cash back on eligible categories and 0.3% cashback for other categories. (Max. 1M VND/cycle)  

• All spending in Thailand (15%) 
• Travel (10%) 
• Supermarket & Grocery (10%) 
• Restaurant (10%)
• Entertainment & Subscriptions (10%) 
• Health & Wellness (10%) 
• Online/E-commerce (10%) 
• Others (0.3%) 

Details of Cashback:   
In case, a customer has spent on credit card billing below VND 15,000,000. Cashback is capped at a maximum amount of VND 300,000, and the cashback amount will be automatically credited to a customer's credit card in the current cycle.  

In case, a customer has spent on credit card billing from VND 15,000,000.  

Cashback is capped at a maximum amount of VND 1,000,000.  

The amount of VND 300,000 will be automatically credited to a customer's credit card in the current cycle (month T), and the amount of VND 700,000 will be automatically credited to a customer's credit card in the next 2 billing cycles (month T+2). 

13. What should I do if I lose my KBank Credit Card or get stolen? 

When your card is lost or stolen, you should immediately lock your credit card through K PLUS Vietnam and immediately contact the 24/7 K-Contact Center to report the incident and request for a re-issuance of a new replacement card.  

14. I have ideas/suggestions, who should I talk to? 

Your advice is always welcome and appreciated. Please contact us via one of the following channels: 

(i) 24/7 K-Contact Center Vietnam
(ii) "KBank Vietnam" Facebook page
(iii) KBank official Zalo account

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